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Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
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About Us

U.S. Mechanical's roots began in 1947, starting in a 1500 square foot fabrication shop in Pleasant Grove, Utah as Bylund Plumbing & Heating. From these simple beginnings some 70 years ago, U.S. Mechanical has grown to become a well-recognized and highly-respected mechanical contractor in the Intermountain Region.

U.S. Mechanical currently maintains licensing in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, California and Arizona. With its headquarters and fabrication facility in Pleasant Grove, Utah, U.S. Mechanical also maintains a regional office in Las Vegas, Nevada serving a broad base of clients in the Intermountain Region. In addition to these offices, U.S. Mechanical owns and controls Snyder Mechanical in Elko, NV. Through this affiliation with Snyder Mechanical, U.S. Mechanical is able to assist with human resource needs to meet the ever-increasing demand for mechanical services in an industrial application at the surrounding northern and central Nevada mines.

LEED. U.S. Mechanical has satisfactorily completed several LEED certified projects. We invite you to refer to the Projects or Recognitions pages for additional details of those specific projects. We aim to meet the expected LEED level of achievement on every project we complete.

Reputation. Over 70 years of work we have built an undeniable reputation. We have been fortunate to work on some very successful projects. This has enabled us to build a reputation and history with our many business associates. In turn, U.S. Mechanical's current bonding capacity for a single project is $25,000,000, while its aggregate limit has reached $55,000,000.

Safety/Risk Management. U.S. Mechanical employs some of the most competently skilled employees in the Intermountain Region. These same employees value the safety of their co-workers. The result of this commitment to safety is an experience modification rate (EMR) lower than the national average. This accomplishment has enabled U.S. Mechanical to qualify for self-insured insurance programs that lower the overall risk management costs associated with the general construction industry. These financial saving coupled with our continued commitment to safety provide our client-base added value on every project.